Cavalier Rescue

Rescuing, rehabilitating, reuniting and re-homing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels across America.

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Rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home 50 Cavalier dogs.


Cavalier Rescue

We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, reuniting, and re-homing of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as well as education focused on reputable breeders and puppy mill awareness.


We offer assistance to reunite owners and lost Cavaliers through our vast network. We make flyers to share as well as offer shelter & medical attention to pups that need it, while we search far & wide for their owners. We have chip readers on hand to assist.


Whether it is physical, emotional, or both, we are committed to helping every dog in our foster program achieve good health.


Once rehabilitated, dogs in our care are placed in permanent homes through our proven adoption process. We take great care in finding the perfect home for each and every dog.

Our Process

Our dogs come into rescue by way of shelters, other rescue groups, breeders, or from private homes in need of re-homing. We welcome Cavaliers of all ages, health concerns, and special needs into rescue. Upon entrance into rescue, every dog is fully vetted by our partnering veterinary clinics, and all medical needs are taken care of. The dogs are then placed in approved foster homes where they continue any medical treatment and where the foster family can begin to assess the dog's personality, temperament, and needs. When ready, the dog will be placed for adoption and families that match the dog's needs and are willing and able to travel to the dog, will be considered. We feel an important part of the adoption process is for the prospective family to meet and spend ample time with the dog in the foster home so we do not do any shipping or transport of our dogs to their adopting homes. In addition to meeting the dog, our adoption process includes an informal phone interview, vet reference check, and a home visit.

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