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Support Clear My Record and grant people greater access to jobs, housing, and education.


Code for America believes that everyone should have access food, justice and jobs so we work with government to make sure benefits are easy to use, serve everyone equally and with dignity; outcomes are measurably better; and that better costs less.

Across the country, voters have approved several measures that allow for tens of millions of Americans to legally expunge old, low-level convictions from their record, so they can get jobs, housing, and education. Most prominently was the passage for Prop 64 in California that legalized marijuana. Through Prop 64 people with old marijuana convictions were now eligible to petition to have those offenses taken off their criminal record or downgraded to lower-level crimes.

We believe that small mistakes in someone’s past shouldn’t forever hinder their opportunity for a bright future. But because of complicated, burdensome bureaucratic processes, a tiny fraction of eligible people have actually benefited from the intention of the voters. We can fix this, but we need your help.

We’ve created a model for auto-expungement of eligible criminal records. We’re launching a pilot with district attorneys across California to use Code for America’s technology to read RAP sheets, determine eligible offenses, and automatically file petitions for expungement.

Focused first on Prop 64, which legalized marijuana in California, we will clear more than 250,000 eligible records by 2019 and create a model for auto-expungement nationwide.

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