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Scaling high quality college admissions counseling to students in underserved communities.

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Sep 8th, 2018

Two ways to support our mission

We have two ways that you can support our mission to close the Guidance Gap and get high-quality college admissions advice to disadvantaged students. FOR FREE.

We are currently in 7 charter high schools (4 in LA and 3 in Cleveland) and in working with them in year one, we happened upon a very interesting phenomenon in this country. There a plethora of amazing charter schools in America but many are just K-8. That means that their students grow up in this wonderful nurturing environment with a heavy emphasis on attending college, but then there is no corresponding high school. So the students often disperse to 50+ schools across a city or region and there is no way to track them, communicate with them, and keep them on the path to college. Equity in Access aims to be the great baton handoff. When the charters have concluded their amazing work, they pass off the students to AKALA and we help guide them for the next four years until they apply to college.

To be clear, we work with public schools as well. We are very excited to announce our first public school network and it’s from very close to where we grew up in Princeton, NJ. Helping this district is a personal mission for us. Perry Kalmus, one of our founders, grew up playing pick-up basketball in this at-risk district and would love nothing more than to help contribute to this great city’s turn-around. Name to be released VERY soon!

Also, At the ASU-GSV education tech conference this year (biggest ed-tech conference in America), one of our schools, NewLA Charter School in Culver City, CA won the Innovators of Education awards for the use of the AKALA technology. Check out their presentation video.


We believe that for all the inequities in education in this country, the most overlooked one is the private college counselor. Because we have been in the business for 25 years and 13,000 students, we have seen the massive difference between students who can access (afford) private counselors and those who can't. There is so much misinformation. There is so little guidance happening in school. Without the right support, most students are doomed to utter the words we hear from most seniors when it comes to application time. "Why didn't anyone tell me this information? I wish I would have known."

We view our mission as two-fold:

  • To scale high quality college admissions counseling to students in underserved communities.
  • In creating better college applicants, we will be creating better humans who will have the opportunity to explore their full potential by strengthening their intellectual curiosity, developing their interests, and learning to give back to make the world a better place.

50 Million Years of Impact:

Eric Lander, founder of the human genome project, speaks of being allotted roughly 50 years to change the world. In good health, we will work from our early 20's after graduation to our early 70's. With that in mind, if, through giving high-quality college admissions guidance, we can get 1 Million students from underserved areas to and through college, then their next 50 years just improved significantly.

And by proxy, the world gets better by a cumulative 50 Million Years.

Come join us on this mission. It's big. It's grand. It's a realistic moonshot that we believe will work.

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