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Mobilize millions of people to fight for net neutrality.

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Enables us to apply a robust range of strategies to our issues, from educating and organizing, to driving action for Net Neutrality.


Fight for the Future is a small but hard-hitting A-Team of Internet freedom activists dedicated to defending our most basic rights in the digital age. Best known for building the tech and messaging behind the largest online protests in history, FFTF’s specialty is harnessing the power of the Internet to mobilize people on an unprecedented scale, securing political victories previously thought impossible. From the SOPA blackout to mobilizing millions to fight for net neutrality to helping spread awareness about cryptocurrency through our viral Bitcoin Black Friday campaign, we’re fighting tooth and nail for an Internet free of censorship and surveillance, with access to information and freedom of expression for all.

We’re one of the only non profits with a full stack tech team including a product director, software engineer, and world-class designer. That gives us the ability to build out tech-enhanced campaigns quickly and efficiently. We plan to stay small, make the most of your donation, and pack a punch.


The FCC gutted net neutrality, the basic underlying principle that makes the Internet awesome. But the repeal sparked unprecedented backlash from across the political spectrum, with polls showing that nearly 90% of US Internet users want lawmakers to restore open Internet protections. We’re harnessing that collective outrage into effective action. Our campaigns have reached hundreds of millions of people and pushed net neutrality into the mainstream for the first time ever. With your donation we will:

  • Mobilize millions of people to fight for net neutrality in Congress, in the courts, and in the states
  • Maintain optimized web and mobile tools to connect net neutrality supporters to their elected officials via phone, SMS, email, twitter and more. This runs up a pretty big phone bill!
  • Amplify key constituencies like small business owners, veterans, and first responders
  • Maintain public “scorecards” showing where lawmakers stand on Internet freedom
  • Expose corruption, counter and debunk telecom funded misinformation campaigns
  • Educate the entire Internet about net neutrality, and show that it’s not a partisan issue

All donations will go to Fight for the Future Education Fund, our 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We operate a parallel 501(c)(4) organizations, Fight for the Future which enables us to apply a robust range of strategies to our issues, from educating and organizing, to driving action for or against specific legislation.

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* Fight for the Future is a registered 501c(3) and your donation will be tax deductible in the United States. To receive a donation receipt, please sign in or create a user account and the receipt will be sent to your email address.

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