MIRI: Machine Intelligence Rsearch Institute

Foundational research to ensure future smarter-than-human AI systems have a positive impact on the world.

Fund drive: Fund research on how researchers can make “general” AI systems reliable and transparent.
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If progress in artificial intelligence research continues uninterrupted, we can expect AI systems to eventually surpass humans in scientific reasoning and general problem-solving ability.

All the challenges the world faces should be solvable with enough cognitive work, if they can be solved at all; and AI raises the prospect of automating such work, at digital speeds. Whether the future goes well, then, will likely depend in the long run on how safely and effectively researchers can direct future generations of AI systems toward the biggest problems we face.

MIRI is the largest organization in the world with the stated goal of figuring out how researchers can make “general” AI systems reliable and transparent. Our mission is to ensure that such systems have a positive impact on the world, with our foundational work in mathematics and computer science aimed at achieving a clearer picture of the conceptual hurdles involved.

To read more about our mission and technical agenda, visit our website.

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