A token of appreciation

When you donate to your favorite charities on the Spring platform, our smart contract creates a unique ERC721 token and sends it to your ETH address as a thank you. They will live and grow in your wallet, and on your Spring profile page, but you are free to send them to any wallet of your choice, since they are Ethereum based tokens that you now own.
What's a Nifty Shiba?
These limited edition tokens currently take the form of a Nifty Shiba, based on the "Beckoning Cat" which is meant to beckon forth good fortune for the owner.
How to get a Nifty Shiba?
Please sign up or log in to your account, then donate to a cause for 0.1 ETH or more. After your transaction is confirmed, you can use MetaMask to claim the Shiba.
Your Shiba grows with the impact of your donations.
When your shiba first arrives, it will be but a little puppy.
Every time the charity makes an update through the platform, it will be registered as a "growth spurt" for your shiba. After 2 updates, your shiba will be fully grown.