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Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust is a world leader in the protection of tropical ecosystems and wildlife. Our simple yet highly effective, solution to stop the destruction of the last remaining rainforests has a positive impact on endangered species, communities and the planet. Working in partnership with local conservation and community groups, Rainforest Trust has protected over 18 million acres of rainforest from destruction across South America, Asia/Pacific and Africa since 1988.

Despite global conservation efforts, the threats to rainforests continue to mount. In 2016, Rainforest Trust set the bold goal of protecting 50 million acres by 2020. To achieve this goal, the Rainforest Trust SAVES Challenge was launched. This $50 million dollar for dollar match has facilitated the investment of $38 million in urgently needed conservation work.

Every day, precious acres of rainforest are lost forever. Critically endangered species lose their habitat. Communities lose their forest livelihoods. Water sources and weather systems are disrupted. The planet is impacted when stored carbon is released through deforestation.

In March 2017, Rainforest Trust created the Conservation Action Fund to enable our vital conservation work when and where it is needed most. Gifts to the Conservation Action Fund are matched dollar for dollar by the $50 million SAVES Challenge. All gifts to the fund benefit projects 100% and do not support administration and fundraising costs which are funded in majority by our Board of Directors.

Since then, the Conservation Action Fund has enabled 45 projects that will protect millions of acres for countless species across the tropics including Critically Endangered Malayan Tigers in Indonesia, Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas in Cameroon, Endangered Fijian Free-tailed Bats in Fiji and Critically Endangered Cotton-top Tamarins in Colombia.

Our conservation work makes a tangible difference. Whether it is preserving the Amazon and the way of life for indigenous people, purchasing rainforest in Borneo to create an urgently-needed corridor for Pygmy Elephants or establishing a network of new national parks across Cambodia, with your support we will be able to protect critical habitat around the world.

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