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All over the world, people and societies are grappling with the diseases and disabilities of aging. The amount of time, money, and energy already being poured into attempts to thwart diseases like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is tremendous. Unfortunately, despite progress in treating the symptoms of these diseases, not a single one has been cured.

SENS mission is to transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.

We approach the diseases and disabilities of aging from an “engineering” point of view. Instead of seeking to decipher the code of life and interfere with metabolic processes, or waiting until it is effectively too late to treat age-related damage and treating symptoms, SENS Research Foundation targets the damage of aging itself. Cellular and molecular damage gradually accumulates in the body as a byproduct of metabolism, and this damage is ultimately responsible for the pathology of aging. The great majority of existing treatments for age--related diseases either alter metabolism to prevent the accumulation of damage, or attempt to modulate the damage’s downstream effects. SENS Research Foundation is working to lay the groundwork for new therapies that instead target and repair this damage. These treatments, which apply techniques from regenerative medicine to the damage of aging, are known as rejuvenation biotechnologies.


October 11th, 2018: Life Extension & Human Longevity with Dr. Aubrey de Grey on MIND & MACHINE

October 9th, 2018: Can we live long enough to live forever? Can we discover Immortality? Dr. Aubrey De Grey–Interview with Dr. Nick Delgado

August 9th, 2018: Dr. Aubrey de Grey at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018

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