Bringing equal access to college education to socio-economically disadvantaged, and high potential, Vietnamese students.

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VietSeeds Foundation is an educational NGO working to bring equal access to college education to socio-economically disadvantaged, and high potential, Vietnamese students.

The organization was established in 2011 by two Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Vu Van and Thuc Vu, who are known for their tech starts-up ELSA and Ohmni-Labs in the USA. These two long-time friends from Stanford Alumni came together to co-found VietSeeds with the dream to help young Vietnamese students fulfill their dreams and change their lives, through college education.

“Education has opened so many great opportunities to our lives. And we both know we could have never achieved our education dreams without support from families, friends, acquaintances and most importantly, strangers, along the way. VietSeeds is founded on this very premise: no one can succeed alone”

We are of a belief that A BETTER VIETNAM will be achieved through education. VietSeeds provide a holistic scholarship program to help our selected “SEEDs” gaining access to tertiary education as a stepping stone to reach their full potential. Our talented SEEDs are among socio-economically disadvantaged Vietnamese who would otherwise unable to attend and complete their tertiary education without financial support.

Our mission is to empower our SEEDs to have rich intellectual lives, competitive and fulfilling careers, to become engaged citizenship and to give back to societies.

We call it the spirit of PAY IT FORWARD.

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