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Wild Me combats extinction with citizen science and artificial intelligence.

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Wildlife research in the 21st century will be an amazing blend of drones with advanced computer vision, massive data collection by citizen scientists, and the integration of artificial intelligence to help make sense of it all. We are starting to have unprecedented insight into the complex and rich lives of the wildlife we study. Through advanced computing, we’re bringing their stories to you.

In the modern era of “Big Data”, managing larger volumes of citizen science data requires good study design backed by a great information architecture with strong security. At its core, our software is query-based, emphasizing that the goal of data management is to allow you to get answers to research questions faster. We also build software that integrates with other applications and servers, allowing you to operate a compatible “platform” of applications for collaborative research.

Wild Me has experience developing and supporting citizen science projects that integrate computer vision and machine learning to scale up processing speed and support new analyses, such as by integrating and customizing multiple pattern recognition algorithms to more accurately identify individual whales.

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