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The World Privacy Forum is dedicated to reimagining privacy in a digital era through groundbreaking, in-depth privacy research, analysis, and consumer education of the highest quality.

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Our vision is to empower people with the knowledge, rights, and tools they need to protect their privacy and shape their digital lives

The World Privacy Forum is a nonprofit, non-partisan 501©(3) public interest research group. The organization is focused on conducting in-depth research, analysis, and consumer education in the area of data privacy, and focuses on pressing and emerging issues. It is among one of the only privacy-focused NGOs conducting independent, original, longitudinal research.

The World Privacy Forum has had notable successes with its research, which has been groundbreaking and consistently ahead of trends. World Privacy Forum research has provided insight in important issue areas, including predictive analytics, medical identity theft, data brokers, and digital retail data flows, among others. Areas of focus for the World Privacy Forum include technology and data analytics broadly, with a focus on health care data and privacy, large data sets, machine learning, biometrics, workplace privacy issues, and the financial sector. The Forum was founded in 2003 and works both nationally and internationally. The Forum also works to encourage collaborative efforts among other non-profits.

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